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Book Making: Deirdre Capone’s ‘Uncle Al’ And Family Feuds

July 20, 2010

Gangster Al Capone’s relatives, real and sham, have recently been trying to take his notorious name to the bank. Family feuds have, as a result, been brewing.

A memoir, ‘Uncle Al Capone,’ written by Deirdre Marie Capone, the great niece of the Chicago mobster once known as Public Enemy #1, is at the center of the controversy, according to a bylined story by David Kesmodel in today’s Wall Street Journal.

But money is not her goal, says the 70-year-old Florida grandmother.

After decades of research and at the insistence of her children, she hopes to renovate the family name by telling what it was really like growing up Capone.  “Just because you have Capone blood does not mean that you are monster. It really makes me angry,” she said.


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