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Late Shift: Career Reinventions

May 17, 2010


Rhonda Kave (center, above, with kids Corwin and Allison) did an exemplary truffle-shuffle, according to one of Linley Taber’s three stories on career reinvention in The New York Post (5/17/2010) which prove its never too late to land your dream job.

After a couple of decades running a beauty supply store and then working for a non-profit countering domestic violence while studying sociology, Kave finally made her sweetest move, in 2007, when her grown children moved out and she separated from her husband. Kathy Gurland pursued a series of careers before her younger sister’s cancer made her calling as a cancer treatment conusltant clear to her. And rather than retiring from 35 years of teaching English at John Jay College in New York City, 68-year-old Eric Larson has launched a new career as a renegade publisher of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

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