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Dana Dakin Wins Prestigious Award For WomensTrust’s Micropath to Major Results

May 26, 2010

“You know, there’s just so much, sometimes you just have to turn away and pretend it’s not happening,” a usually thoughtful friend recently told me in response to some bad news from Africa.

Dana Dakin, a retired financial marketing consultant, proved otherwise seven years ago when, to mark her 60th birthday, she set off from her home in Wilmot Flat, N.H., for Pokuase, Ghana.


With $5,000 from the sale of a used Volvo, she founded WomensTrust, a microlending project that now has more than 1,000 women are now clients. Moreover, after Dakin recognized that people needed more than just access to loans to lift themselves from poverty, WomensTrust— in collaboration with women in Pokuase and volunteers from New England—added critical education and healthcare programs that are changing lives and earning the non-profit widespread recognition as an emerging model for microfinance in Africa.

Recently, the Women’s Bond Club of New York, one of the nation’s oldest professional organizations for women in finance, awarded Dana the prestigious Isabel Benham Award and $25,000, on behalf of her organization, in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the lives of women.

“Our clients take the resources we provide and, against daunting odds, created a path of their own: safety for their families and opportunity to advance economically and socially,” she said. You can read about Dana in my book’s chapter “One Woman, Two Villages.” Here’s a short film about WomensTrust:

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